Meet the Candidates: General Election | Kristen Gonzalez, State Senate District 59

Democratic candidate Kristen Gonzalez is running unopposed for New York State Senate representing District 59. Gonzalez will be the youngest state senator, at just 27 years old, when she arrives in Albany.

Though she is running unopposed, Gonzalez has continued to campaign after the primary with a focus on engagement and increasing the number of voters within her district.

In Albany, Gonzalez plans to tackle two unifying issues across the 3 boroughs she represents — housing and climate change. She intends to support Good Cause Eviction Bill to ensure that every New Yorker has the right to renew their lease as well as the Build Public Renewables Act to give New York State the right to build its own publicly owned publicly operated renewable energy. Gonzalez is also a supporter of Bail Reform and believes in creating an equitable justice system that does not create a double standard between the wealthy and working class.

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