Meet the Candidates: General Election | Nick LaLota, Congressional District 1

Congressional candidate, Nick LaLota spent eleven years serving the country he loves within the US Navy and has now set his sights on Washington. LaLota’s passions do not stop at politics. He is the definition of a family man who beams when speaking of his three amazing daughters and loving wife. LaLota comes from a long line of public servants and hopes to continue the legacy of his family by continuing his service as a member of Congress representing New York’s 1st District.

LaLota confidently details his plans for his first days in Washington, focusing on three issues — helping the economy, securing our border, and securing our freedoms. His first steps include the creation of a bill standing for American energy independence, reducing energy costs by making it easier to drill on federal land. As well as working to reduce federal spending to reduce our deficits and our debts which LaLota believes is a bipartisan issue.

When asked about the issue of reproductive rights, LaLota gives a detailed break down of his views:

  • Believes reproductive rights are a state issue, based on the 10th amendment.
  • Does not oppose abortion in the case of rape, incest, life of the mother or in the first trimester.
  • Opposes abortion in the second trimester and third trimester.
  • Believes parents of children who are considering abortion should be notified.
  • Does not think that federal funds should be used for abortion services.

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