Schneps Media Hosts Part Two of Cannabis Webinar: Growth and Cultivation

Now that cannabis has been deregulated within the state of New York, a new competitive market has arisen for cannabis production and sales. But what does it actually take to start a successful cannabis operation in New York State?

Answers to these questions were discussed in Part Two of Schneps Media’s Cannabis Webinar, featuring four more industry experts: Jennifer Bassuk of the Global Business Development branch of Fluence; Ryley Leech, cannabis solutions architect for Fluence; Kaelan Castetter, managing director for Castetter Cannabis Group; and Bradley Berg, project developer for ARCO/Murray National Construction Company.

The discussion was moderated by PoliticsNY contributor Jill Carvajal and sponsored by Fluence, a “leading global energy storage technology and services provider.”

“Recent regulatory and market shifts have made New York one of the country’s hottest cannabis markets,” Carvajal said in the introduction. “New cannabis players need to quickly and correctly adopt cultivation best practices to have a chance at capitalizing on New York’s projected $1.7 billion cannabis market.”

“It’s a really unique time in cannabis right now, as the cannabis market across the country is experiencing an extreme slowdown,” said speaker Jennifer Bassuk. “We are in a very ground-floor opportunity… we’re poised to be the biggest market globally.”

Participants learned about the science of cannabis cultivation, the importance of environmental factors such as lighting in optimizing a crop, and business and regulatory insights needed to help set up a successful New York cannabis business.