Meet the Candidates: General Election | Roxanne Persaud, State Senate District 19

Incumbent Roxanne Persaud believes her job as Senator in District 19 is not done yet. Since being elected in 2015, Persaud has dedicated her life to serving her district and making the lives of her constituents better.

In 2022, she has two focuses in mind for her next steps upon re-election: stopping gun violence and fighting for affordable housing. Persaud has passed legislation which has created a gun violence research institute that’s goal is to research the causes of gun violence and determine how it can be stopped. In addition to keeping the people safe by working to stop gun violence, Persaud is championing the fight to make housing affordable to the people who have been living in her district all of their lives.

Persaud describes herself as a loner in her personal life, quite the opposite of what one might expect when seeing her working throughout the community and on the senate floor. Still, Persaud’s goal remains the same: continue serve the people of the 19th district and work tirelessly every day to make their lives better.


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