Meet the Candidates: General Election | Danniel Maio, State Senate District 15

Danniel Maio is the Republican candidate running for New York State Senate in District 15, a historically Democratic district. What matters most to Maio is safety, liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and due process of law. He is angry and disappointed with current elected officials and is running to create the change he wants to see within the New York Senate.

The first 3 issues Maio plans to focus on if elected are repealing bail reform, stopping congestion pricing, and creating a Covid commission. When asked about reproductive rights, Maio emphasizes his belief in the freedom to choose, aligning with the principles of freedom of speech and religion.

Maio describes himself as being on four party lines: Republican, conservative, independent, and medical freedom. Outside of his campaign life, Maio serves as President of Central Queens Republican Club where he invites Democrats to present their views alongside Republicans. He believes all views are valuable and if elected, plans to continue his practice of giving members of both parties the opportunity to share their beliefs.

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