Meet the Candidates: General Election | Susan Berland, State Senate District 2

Susan Berland has a good grasp on the top issues in voters’ minds: the economy and taxes; public safety; and reproductive freedom. With over two decades serving the town of Huntington, balancing budgets and making government spending more transparent, Susan understands what changes in the economy need to be made in order to provide relief for her constituents.

As a former assistant attorney general, Susan prosecuted those who violated their parole, and as a Suffolk County legislator she supported the police and advocated for victims’ rights. She plans on continuing this support at the state level, and wants to restrict the sale of body armor strictly to police departments.

For Susan, reproductive rights are fundamentally personal and private, and the government has no business restricting the freedom of women and families to determine what is best for them. With debates over abortion access still raging across the country, Susan is committed to protecting the reproductive freedom of women in New York.

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