Meet the Candidates: General Election | Peter Ganley, Assembly District 1

A lifelong resident of Long Island’s East End, Peter Ganley grew up working every odd job you can imagine. He’s worked as a valet, a golf caddie — you name it, he’s probably done it! That’s why Peter is committed to ensuring that service sector workers aren’t forced out of Long Island due to rising costs. He wants to lower taxes and government spending, preserve the Island’s natural resources, and repeal cashless bail, which Peter says deprives judges of necessary judicial review and discretion.

While Peter considers himself pro-life, he supports New York’s abortion protections — for the most part. Two things he would want to change: (1) require parental permission for minors seeking abortion care; and (2) only permit third-trimester abortions in cases of rape or incest.

Finally, Peter wants to implement term limits for elected officials, and points to the long tenure of his opponent as an example of ineffective career politicians.

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