Meet the Candidates: General Election | Jackie Gordon, Congressional District 2

Jackie Gordon has always worked to serve the people — from her 29 years in the military to her more than three decades in the New York public school system, alongside 13 years on her local City Council. Now, she has turned her sights to Washington, hoping to serve her community on a national level. Jackie is running in the November 8th election on the Democratic ticket for Congressional District 2, a historically Republican district. Jackie’s key issues are simple: protect women’s rights and protect our children. Codifying Roe v. Wade is the first major feat Jackie hopes to accomplish when she arrives in Washington, ensuring that women’s rights are protected and remain protected throughout the United States. As both an educator and a mother, Jackie knows the fear and uncertainty that comes with sending children to school in the current climate and strives to work towards national gun safety regulations to protect children, both on the streets and in the classrooms. During her time in the classroom, Jackie was a pioneer for student safety and mindfulness. She became a certified yoga instructor to help students regulate their own bodies and emotions and was able to drastically reduce the number of suspensions among students during her final years as an educator. Jackie’s passion for the community and decades of experience illustrate her potential to serve as a successful representative within Congress.

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