Adams admin confirms Bronx tent shelter won’t comply with city’s ‘right to shelter’ laws in City Council hearing

City Council Member Shahana Hanif and Council Speaker Adreinne Adams holding hearing on asylum seeker crisis. Friday, Sept. 30, 2022.
Photo courtesy of New York City Council

A new Bronx tent shelter facility the city is constructing to house some of the thousands of migrants who’ve come here in recent months won’t comply with the city’s “right to shelter” law, officials from Mayor Eric Adams’ administration confirmed Friday in a City Council oversight hearing.

The hearing was called by the council’s Committee on Immigration Chair Shahana Hanif in response to what she characterized as the city’s failure to “meet the basic needs” of over 13,000 newly arrived migrants – who’ve been coming to the city in droves since May. Hanif was in part referring to reports the city has twice violated its right to shelter law over the summer, most recently failing to house 60 men – who had to sleep on the floor and benches of a Manhattan intake center overnight.

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