2022 Power Players in Education: Shelley B. Mayer, New York State Senator

New York State Senator Shelley Mayer began her run in New York politics as an assemblywoman and served as the chair of the Assembly Education Subcommittee on Students with Special Needs. Today, Senator Mayer, who represents New York’s 37th district, is the chair of the State Senate Education Committee and continues to be a champion for children and public schools. In this interview, Senator Mayer breaks down the Foundation Aid Formula and explains how the New York Senate has worked to ensure adequate public school funding throughout New York. Just as Senator Mayer has worked with the New York Senate to ensure public school funding, she is also advocating for fully funded pre-K for all four year olds within New York. Senator Mayer discusses progress made in expanding free pre-K and the importance of accessible pre-K for all children. As the interview comes to a close, Senator Mayer recounts her most recent accomplishment and what makes her most proud.

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