Meet the Candidates: General Election | Amanda Field, Assembly District 15

The journey into politics for Amanda Field, Democratic candidate for Assembly District 15, had an unassuming start — with water. After receiving an unexpected cancer diagnosis at a young age, Amanda was left wondering whether there were possible pollutants or contaminants in her local water supply. She proceeded to win election as commissioner of the Plainview Water District, ousting an 18 year incumbent in the process, before becoming involved in the State’s Drinking Water Quality Council.

But her passion for protecting the public extends far beyond issues of community health and water supply. Amanda is also determined to push back against the rising cost of living that is forcing Long Island residents to move away and acting as an economic barrier for those wishing to return home. She wants to rebuild community trust and safety, and continue shoring up access to women’s reproductive health care. While she may not have always envisioned a career as a civil servant — particularly after 25 years as a creative director — Amanda has a long list of goals and ideas to implement once she gets to Albany. Including, of course, clean water.