Schumer touts passage of Inflation Reduction Act


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer traveled back to NYC Monday following the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in the Senate Sunday, and outlined the bill’s benefits.

Calling it historic, Schumer stood in Midtown and touted the multipurpose bill which looks to fight climate change and inflation while also lowering the cost of utilities and prescription medication. Holding up a shiny red apple, Schumer declared he thought of the Big Apple when fighting for the bill to be passed.

Senator Chuck Schumer always has the Big Apple on his mind. Photo by Dean Moses

“It was a long year, but we got it done. This inflation Reduction Act is one of the most comprehensive, significant pieces of legislation that has passed the Senate and the Congress in decades. It is going to have huge benefits for Americans and huge benefits for New Yorkers. I am so proud of it and I, in part, did this big deal with the Big Apple in mind because this is going to help New York,” Schumer said.  “They say, how did you get this done? It’s not easy, with a 50/50 caucus running from Bernie Sanders to Joe Manchin with intransigent Republicans who wouldn’t even help us on reducing the cost of insulin.”

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