Should the MTA reopen subway bathrooms? Riders say yes, but the MTA isn’t so enthusiastic


Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine urged the MTA Tuesday to reopen its public bathrooms.

The BP joined a rally on the steps of City Hall on June 28 in which he advocated for more public bathrooms to open up around the city. During the conference, Levine told amNewYork Metro that he believes the MTA should restore public bathrooms for commuters. With bathrooms in over 76 subway stations closed, riders are forced to exit the mass transit system to find a “place to go.”

“Personally, I strongly believe the MTA needs to reopen the bathrooms in its system. There are over 70. They were closed under the pretense of the pandemic. I’m not sure whether that was ever justified. But at this point, there’s no justification. We need those bathrooms opened throughout the system,” Levine told amNewYork Metro.