Op-ed | Stay engaged in NYC Council redistricting process


What district do I live in? Who will be on the ballot? Over the past few weeks, these are questions even the most civic-minded New Yorkers have been trying to get the answers to.

The chaotic process to redraw Congressional and State Legislative districts, has left a sour taste in the mouths of many.

But now is not the time for New Yorkers to let their cynicism get the best of them. New York City’s Districting Commission has begun the process of redrawing City Council district lines that will be in place for the next decade. It is vital that the public be engaged, as Council Members have a more direct connection to the communities they represent than Congress Members and State legislators.

Thankfully, the City’s redistricting process operates under a different set of rules than the State. For example: lawmakers will not be able to vote down the Commission’s maps and draw their own, as the State Legislature was able to do.