Op-ed: Creating a rising economic tide for Queens


When I ran to represent the 27th district in the New York City Council, I promised that, together, we would continue to win for southeast Queens. We, as a community and as a borough, have an opportunity for a real win that can create thousands of good-paying, union jobs and bring in the much-needed revenue to support the programs we need in our City and State. That’s why I am proud to support Resorts World’s effort to compete in the bidding process for a full-scale casino license at their existing facility in Queens.

I trust Resorts World to be a responsible community partner because I have seen firsthand how they operate and how it benefits my constituents. Workers at Resorts World tell me that without them as an employer, these last two years would have been a lot more difficult for them and their families.  Whether they were providing them healthcare through the pandemic, or job opportunities that allowed them to not only survive but thrive as a working family in New York City, Resorts World has demonstrated to me that they can be trusted as a partner in our city’s darkest days.