NY Senate Health Committee Passes Coverage For All immigrants


The New York State Senate Health Committee on Tuesday voted to move bill S1572, also known as Coverage For All, forward to the Finance committee, allowing health coverage for all immigrants.

The legislation passed with seven yes votes to six no votes.

With this move, both versions of the legislation have progressed out of each legislative houses’ Health committees.

“Today’s Senate Health Committee vote reflects the growing momentum and recognition of the need for Coverage For All,” said Murad Awawdeh, New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) executive director. “This is an urgent bill that state lawmakers must pass in this year’s budget to ensure the well-being of the entire state and workforce.

“The pandemic has made it clear that lack of health coverage is a life or death issue,” he added. “We thank Sen. Gustavo Rivera for long championing immigrant health and moving Coverage For All forward in this critical time.”