Caribbean pols appointed to top posts on NYC Council


Newly-elected New York City Council Speaker, Adrienne Adams has appointed a number of Caribbean American legislators in Brooklyn to top leadership positions on the Council.

Adams appointed Council Member Crystal Hudson, the granddaughter of Jamaican immigrants to chair the Committee on Aging; Haitian-born Council Member Rita Joseph, a former public school teacher in Brooklyn, to chair the Committee on Education; Haitian-born Council Member Mercedes Narcisse, a registered nurse by training, to chair the Committee on Hospitals; and Haitian American Council Member Farah N. Louis to chair the Committee on Landmarks, Public Siting and Maritime Uses.

“I am proud to announce our City Council’s Leadership, as well as committee chairs and assignments. This is the most diverse City Council in history, and each member’s experiences and expertise will shape the important work of our legislative body,” said Adams, no relationship with New York City Mayor Eric Adams, in making the announcement.