Lawmakers on the Move, Jan. 20, 2022

Lawmakers on the Move

Colton Invites Community to Rally Against Proposed Homeless Shelter

Assemblymember William Colton

Assemblyman William Colton (D-Brooklyn) and local community leaders and advocates will rally this weekend against a proposed homeless shelter the city is planning to build at 137 Kings Highway. 

Colton said his office conducted research and discovered several problems with the citing of the shelter as well as with Home Life Services Inc. – the non-profit organization tasked with running the proposed shelter.

“The community is concerned about this institutional structure that is planned for a residential neighborhood which is surrounded by schools, parks, daycare centers, dance and tutoring centers, parks such as PS 682 Campus, PS97, PS247, IS 96 (Seth Low) Success Academy, Magen David HS, Yeshiva Ohel Moshe, Highlawn Public Library, Seth Low Park,  UCA Community Center and Bensonhurst JCH, within blocks of 137 Kings Highway and such as PS 200, IS 281, PS 128, Brooklyn Studio HS, Elite High School, and Bensonhurst Park, and which is also all within blocks of the 2147 Bath Avenue proposed shelter,” said Colton.

“We know nothing about this shelter planned by Home Life Services Inc. at 137 Kings Highway in Brooklyn besides that there are two lawsuits pending in the Supreme Court against them and that the developers and operators of both proposed centers have an inadequate record of serving homeless people,” he added.

The rally is slated for 1:30 p.m., this Sunday, Jan. 23 on Kings Highway and West 13th Street in Brooklyn.

City Council Members Joseph, Cabán, Nurse, Hanif Rally to End Crisis at City Jails

City Council Member Rita Joseph
City Council Member Tiffany Cabán
City Council Member Sandy Nurse
City Council Member Shahana Hanif

City Council Members Rita Joseph (D-Brooklyn), Tiffany Cabán (D-Queens), Sandy Nurse (D-Brooklyn), and Shahana Hanif (D-Brooklyn) today will join survivors of Rikers Island, family members, and allies at a rally to demand an end to the deadly crisis at City jails.

Participants will demand that all city officials act immediately to decarcerate, end solitary confinement, and ensure the protection of all people’s basic needs and rights. The City Council, mayor, judges, district attorneys, Department of Corrections officials, and more must do what is in their power and act with the urgency the current deadly crisis demands, the participants say.

The rally will be prior to the City Council’s stated meeting. It is slated for 12:30 p.m., today, Jan. 20 outside City Hall at the Broadway entrance.

Felder Encourages Struggling Homeowners to Apply for Homeowner Assistance Fund 

State Sen. Simcha Felder

State Sen. Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) is encouraging New York homeowners who are struggling financially due to the pandemic to apply for the New York State Homeowner Assistance Fund (NYS HAF). 

NYS HAF is a $539 million federally funded program to help low- to moderate-income homeowners who are at risk of default, foreclosure, or displacement because of a financial hardship caused by the pandemic.  

“Homeowners have struggled throughout the pandemic with little or no government help. They have begged for assistance with their mortgages, taxes and bills and I am pleased that this program is finally available to those in need,” said Felder.  

Applicants may receive up to $50,000 in financial assistance to catch up on missed mortgage payments, property taxes and water/sewer bills. They can also get help reducing mortgage debt to make monthly mortgage payments more affordable; and for homeowners who are unemployed, they can receive assistance with up to six months of future housing payments. The program is also open to owners of cooperative or condo units who are behind on maintenance fees. 

Felder is also warning homeowners to be careful of scams. Applying for HAF is free and homeowners should be on guard against anyone charging a fee to apply for HAF or promising that they can make sure you will be awarded HAF money. 

Homeowners can apply by visiting or calling 1-844-77-NYHAF (1-844-776-9423). 

Malliotakis Announces Annual Presidents’ Day Essay Contest

U.S. Rep. Nicole Malliotakis. Photo from her Congressional website.

U.S. Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-Staten Island, Brooklyn) announced yesterday she will be hosting her annual Presidents’ Day Essay contest for Staten Island and Brooklyn elementary school students, just as she did while in the New York State Assembly. 

Students in grades three through five are encouraged to participate and write essays about what they would do to improve their community if they were President of the United States.

“I’m happy to continue the tradition of hosting my annual Presidents’ Day essay contest while in Congress,” Malliotakis said. “This is a great way for students to become civically engaged and learn how they can better serve their communities. In years past, my office has received essays on everything from combatting littering to alleviating traffic congestion. I look forward to hearing directly from students about the issues they believe are impacting their everyday life and finding ways to work together to develop solutions.”

Each participant will receive a congressional certificate of recognition from Malliotakis. Contest winners will receive a gift card to a local bookstore and an opportunity to meet with Malliotakis to discuss their ideas.

All essays must be submitted to by Monday, February 21, and must be no longer than 400 words in length. Submissions must include the student’s first and last name, school, grade, class, along with their parent or guardian’s first and last name and contact information: address, phone number, and email.