NYC’s Man in Demand: Mayor-Elect Eric Adams (sponsored by AARP New York)

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New Yorkers 50-plus helped build our city and make it the great place that it is: and city leaders must be dedicated to addressing the challenges this population experiences.

Tune in to learn how Mayor-elect Adams will raise the issue of ageism and make sure his administration confronts it head on. As a leader in Age Friendly policies, how will Mayor-elect Adams broaden this work throughout NYC?

Beth Finkel, State Director of AARP New York, shared with Mayor-elect Adams, “one of our thoughts is actually renaming NYC’s Dept of the Aging – not a very forward-thinking name – and I’m thinking it’d be right up your alley to come up with a stronger, better name.”

To which Adams replied, “we’re looking for Seniors to come up with the best name for it… We are open. The name should be more active than the Department of Aging. I say it’s the Department of Living. Whatever name our seniors come up with, we’re gonna put it out to you.”

Adams is known for making Brooklyn the first age-friendly borough, and now will be able to orchestrate an age-friendly NYC. Part of this plan will offer restaurant, theater and transportation discounts for seniors, he shared.

Adams will be rolling out his 100-day plan and at the heart of it is how NYC becomes more inclusive, especially of its seniors. AARP New York will also be delivering a plan to the new administration with some ideas from its membership.

This interview is sponsored by AARP New York, which represents 750,000 members in New York City.

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