Adams Team Member Hercules Reid Announces Bid for Perry’s Assembly Seat

Hercules 1
Hercules Reid

Mayor-elect Eric Adams team member Hercules Reid announced today, Nov. 18, he is entering the race to fill longtime Assemblymember Nick Perry’s Brooklyn District 58 seat. 

Perry, 71, who has been in the assembly for 28 years is stepping down following President Biden’s announced plan to nominate him as United States ambassador to Jamaica.

Both Reid, 29, and Perry are Jamaican-Americans and the district covers the largely Caribbean neighborhood of East Flatbush with parts in Flatlands and Canarise.

“We are all grateful for AM Nick Perry’s years of service to us. As a fellow Jamaican, I am really proud to see a member of my community represent my country in Jamaica,” said Reid. “Now it’s time to pick up the baton and provide leadership to get the job done and  represent this beating heart of Brooklyn in New York’s Capital.”

Reid’s entry into politics began as a City University of New York (CUNY) student, where he served as the two-term president of City Tech student government. In 2019, Reid ran in the special election to fill the then-vacant 45th City Council District seat covering Flatbush, East Flatbush, Flatlands, Midwood and Canarsie, where he lost to the current City Council Member Farah Louis.

While losing the race, Reid caught the eye of Brooklyn Borough President and Mayor-elect Eric Adams, who hired him on the policy side working on education justice, safety, health, and housing.

Reid also enters the race with support of several community pillars including Minister John Williams of New Creation Ministries, Inc., former CUNY student trustee, Chika Onyejiukwa and Haitian-American community leader, Sander Cameau.

“With support from religious and ethnic communities, tenants and homeowners, educators and folks of all ages seeking sound leadership, I’m confident we have the right coalition to make it to Albany,” Reid said. “A proud son of a union family, I have experience to bring to the work — and bold new ideas to bring to the table. There’s nothing I won’t bring to the fight for the preservation and advancement of District 58, my home.”

Although he is running, no date has been set for a special election as Perry must first win confirmation as Ambassador from the U.S. Senate. Depending on when that happens will decide if there will be a special election or if there will be a regular primary on June 28, 2022.

Also rumored to be looking at the seat is longtime Democratic District Leader Cory Provost.