Sheinkopf Speaks: The Dangers of Saying No to Public Prosecutors

From 123rf
Hank Sheinkopf

When the locally elected prosecutor gets you on the phone and says,  ‘give me some dough,’ you will of course say, no, right? You will also say please give me another portion of Ivermectin for my animal worms, too, no?

How about the attorney general? You’re in a regulated industry. Her fundraising consultant calls and you say, sorry not today. The next group of sounds you hear vibrating in your ear and banging your brain as they’re spoken begin with, R U sure? Your heart says no, no, no, but your brain says send neuron sparks to your writing fingers to sign or send immediately anything close to the maximum dough the law will let you. 

Haven’t heard any of the law enforcement officials mentioned as candidates for New York State Attorney General or Governor ever under threat of political reporter contempt or good government judgment that maybe it’d be best that subpoena powered pols with guns and badges behind them should put in their papers the day they say the words, ‘I’m running for another job.’

Generally, when you say there could be a problem you will hear the lefties say, ‘Oh no, not possible. He or she is such a good person.’ This is like saying that so and so the hedge fund operator who ripped apart companies and helped destroy the economy of small towns here and there is a good person because he wrote a check to the campaign of so and so who really changed America so much that the income gap’s only grown by six feet or more since that check got written. Then they will say let’s go to a bar where the tab for working stiffs will remain unaffordable for the next generation and have a Gibson or Dubonnet Cocktail to salute that great check writing man of the few people who is really such a very good person.

Bad looks do not belong only to Republicans it must be reported. Corruption is inter-denominational. So are conflicts of interest and a flawed campaign finance system.

The road to authoritarianism on your historical Waze app starts with the destruction of democratically elected governments convened by all those good people who always seem to know better than the reasonably angry working stiffs who’ve tired of the political industrial complex and all its members. After all, what do they know? 

Wait until the working stiffs really figure it out. Big shots write checks to protect their interests while no shots pay the price. Prosecutors control grand juries and who gets indicted, locked up, and who doesn’t. New York State Attorneys General enforces the rules and prosecutes Medicaid/nursing home fraud. Beyond that, the job is being the state’s lawyer.

Which bar association is going to sanction a sitting district attorney or attorney general? Which good person will howl? 

Restore public service as an honorable profession. Democracy won’t be upheld by sinecure. Look the word up. And demand prosecutors resign the day they say I’m the next AG. The incumbent AG? The time to get that letter in was yesterday.