PoliticsNY with Skye: Behind the Curtain with Sheila Thorne, Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group

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Cultural competency education – if done correctly – should be like a campaign that involves not only an organization, but the whole community. Sheila Thorne specializes in educating healthcare professionals in cultural competency, which not only transcends barriers of language, race and ethnicity, but dives deep into understanding culture and family dynamics.

Tune into this episode of #PoliticsNYwithSkye to learn about this topic in a digestible way. Before the middle of this century, one out of every two Americans will be a person of color or a person of color who speaks Spanish. Unparalleled, unprecedented, irreversible, dramatic demographic shifts demand a departure from multicultural-healthcare- marketing-business-as-usual in an intensely competitive environment. Connecting with communities of color is the new frontier for organic growth in the healthcare industry.

Learn more about the Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group by visiting sheilathorne.com.

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