James enjoys home field advantage at Brooklyn GOTV Breakfast

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Newly announced candidate for governor, Attorney General Letitia James clearly had the home-field advantage of supporters at Brooklyn’s annual pre-election Get Out The Vote (GOTV) breakfast at Junior’s Restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn on Oct. 29.

James’ announcement came shortly after the Brooklyn native spoke at the eatery packed with Democratic city and state officials and operatives. 

“Our rights are threatened each and every day. And so I urge all of you to walk into those polls. And think about all of those individuals who are struggling right now, particularly women, because reproductive rights are being threatened. Think about the environmental threats. Think about those who have divided us. Think about the hate that individuals would like to see that divide us. Let us walk into those polls on Tuesday and deliver Eric Adams as our mayor, but also let everybody know Brooklyn and New York state were one,” said James to strong applause.

James’ comments came about 40 minutes after Governor Kathy Hochul attended the event and also gave brief remarks, first thanking Senators Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and members of Congress for delivering much-needed money to those who have suffered in the pandemic.

“I’m going to make sure that money gets out to people. People have been hit so hard, there’s suffering, but also I have some great plans and how to bring this city back. I am so energized. I’m so excited to be in this position right here right now, to lead this state and the city for the next few years as we recover from the horrible circumstance known as the pandemic. We want to put it in the rearview mirror, forget about it, and power forward,” said Hochul.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez and Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz, two candidates rumored top be mulling a run for James’ spot as attorney generalk, also attended the breakfast. While Katz left after short remarks, Gonzalez confirmed to PoliticsNY that he is indeed exploring a run to become New York’s chief prosecutor.

“It will take at least $10 million to run for the seat which is a lot of money for a kid from East New York, but I’m looking at it,” said Gonzalez.

Also offering brief remarks was Mayor Bill de Blasio and frontrunner mayoral candidate Eric Adams.

“We have a full day today and I’m not going to win this election in Junior’s. We’re going to hit the streets and do what’s needed to bring this election home. You don’t win a baseball game in the eighth inning. There’s an election taking place on Nov. 2. We don’t want a premature celebration,” said Adams.

“And on the day after the election, we take off our intramural jerseys and put on one jersey – Team New York. Let’s move our city, our boroughs in the right direction together. And then we have to come together as a city. Our city, our country is so divided. There’s just so much tension and so much anxiety and anger and frustration. It just needs to bring about a new spirit,” he added.

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