Climate activists invoke name of Schumer’s grandson in protest outside Senate leader’s home


A small band of climate protection advocates made a very personal appeal to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer outside his Park Slope residence on Sunday morning.

Members of Sunrise Kids NYC flaunted the name of Schumer’s grandson, Noah, during their protest as part of their fictional story depicting what they believe will be the young boy’s life fate if climate change is not addressed. This controversial attempt to garner Schumer’s attention cam as the final round of negotiations on the Build Back Better agenda are ongoing, which protesters fear will include cuts to climate provisions.

A youngster helps hold a sign. Photo by Dean Moses

“We are a group of parents, educators, and kids and we’re coming out to send a message to Chuck Schumer about our future,” Liat Olenick of Sunrise Kids NYC said. “We actually have a message for him specifically about his grandson, Noah. He likes to talk about Noah all the time — I’ve actually met with Senator Schumer where he’s brought up Noah in talking about climate change and the climate crisis. But the reality is if he wants Noah to have a livable future, he needs to fight harder for the climate provisions and Build Back Better.”