Brian Benjamin: Meet the new LG, a Harvard & Brown graduate who can freestyle rap too

Nerdy and cool – two words to describe our new Lieutenant Governor, Brian Benjamin, who formerly served in the NYS Senate and also ran for NYC Comptroller.

2021 is the year of the woman – and our first female NYS Governor Kathy Hochul has chosen this gem of a person to be her right hand. In this video, see the candid and fun side of Benjamin – the side people want to see. 

Finally, our Governor & LG comprise a pair of down-to-earth, humble people; not the egomaniacs we’re used to seeing in office. And the way to maintain humility in the office is by being real with constituents and the public. Being accessible, friendly, out there with the community.
By freestyle rapping on camera, Brian Benjamin not only demonstrates his candid ability to think on his feet, but it makes him seem like “one of us” – and that’s the sentiment people are so craving right now. Even US Senator Chuck Schumer took some freestyle skills to the mic recently… 
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