Q&A with the City Counsel’s office: Vaccine incentives

Why is the City offering vaccine incentives?

We know that the single most important thing we can do to protect New Yorkers from COVID-19 in get as many people as possible vaccinated.  In the early spring, we were focused on making sure the most vulnerable got their shots first.  But once supply increased, it was about generating rather than controlling demand.  The incentives are a way to reach people who might otherwise not make time to get vaccinated.  They go along with a host of other initiatives, like mobile vaccine sites and making vaccinations totally free of charge.

What are the incentives?

They include everything from ferry rides to Cyclones tickets. And as of July 28, anyone who receives their first dose can get a pre-paid debit card $100.  We also offered incentives to community-based organizations who could organize to bring people in for vaccines via the Referral Bonus Program.  Those organizations know their communities well and so we wanted to enlist them as partners in reaching people who were hesitant or needed logistical assistance.

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