Bronx Dominican Day Parade brings hundreds of spectators and political power


The Dominican Republic’s red, white, and blue colors majestically soared over the Bronx on Sunday as the community once again celebrated the Dominican Day Parade, but this time at full force.

Drawing hundreds from all around the city, the July 25 event has the distinction of being one of the first parades eligible to host at a larger capacity following the easing of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions placed on previous functions such as the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

With an army of flag wavers wedging themselves against the metal barriers along Grand Concourse and 172nd Street, the occasion reinvigorated a borough hard hit by the coronavirus. 

The Bronx Dominican Day Parade was back for in-person celebration on July 25. Photo by Dean Moses
Members of the NYPD joined the festivities. Photo by Dean Moses