AARP, Schneps Media Question Mayoral Candidates on Issues Affecting 55+ Voters

New York City Hall (credit: MusikAnimal, Wikimedia Commons)a
New York City Hall (credit: MusikAnimal, Wikimedia Commons)a

As voters, 55+ make up their minds this week and on Primary election Day, next Tuesday, June 22, Schneps Media with an AARP sponsorship asked the mayoral candidates about the city’s aging population and issues important to this key voting block.

The interviews, done individually and compiled on one landing page, was made so that voters 55+ – whether doing early voting this week or heading to the polls on Primary Election Day June 22 – can better make an informed decision on which executive branch candidate they would like to see best represent their issues and lead the city in a post-pandemic future.

New Yorkers 50+ are the city’s most reliable voters, accounting for three out of four ballots cast in the last open mayoral primary. AARP urges all candidates to remember that 50+ Voters Count… and to focus on the issues most important to this critical voting bloc.

To see where the candidates lined up on issues pertaining to those 55 and over, click HERE.

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