Nathalia Fernàndez looks to become the Bronx’s first Latina Borough President

Nathalia Fernandez
Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez

Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernàndez is looking to make history as the Bronx’s first-ever Latina Borough President. She currently represents the 80th Assembly District.

According to Census data, more than half of the borough is Hispanic or Latino. The Bronx has never had a female borough president. 

“We have an opportunity to make history,” said Fernàndez. “It could certainly be a game-changer for how we see New York City.” 

The pandemic has exacerbated a lot of the issues that were already plaguing the Bronx. Fernàndez says the priority of any candidate should be to put the priorities of the Bronx first. 

“This a very pivotal time for our borough coming out of COVID-19 we need to really jump hard into the next term of leadership,” said Fernàndez. 

Her vision for the Bronx is one that is environmentally friendly. The Bronx has been subject to an environmental crisis with high asthma rates, high pollution rates, and contaminated waterways. 

“I’m the only candidate who has proposed a Green Plan,” said Fernàndez. “This is a plan that will bring jobs but also help the Bronx be a healthier and safer place.”

Fernàndez’s platform is also centered around helping small businesses grow. Small businesses have been severely affected by the pandemic as there has been a lack of support from the government in that respect. 

Her plan would create more merchant associations, bringing more bids to provide protections from fines and city violations, and giving them the opportunity to receive the resources that are already available. 

Education is also an issue important to Fernàndez. She says she’ll sit down with principals, teachers, and parent coordinators on day one in office. She also wants to stop segregation in schools and provide more counseling to help students deal with the trauma of the pandemic. 

“We need schools to be pillars in our community that not only serves the students but the community around them,” said Fernàndez. “Our children and family need real help.” 

Fernàndez says her experience as a Bronx Regional Representative in the government office separates her from the other candidates. 

“I’ve seen every community and I’ve worked with them. I’ve seen the differences and the disparities that lie and I’m ready to address them,” said Fernàndez.

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