Op-ed | Strengthening our democracy to expand opportunity for all


If you are over 60 and have not heard of “white privilege,” then you may have lived it. 

I currently live in an active adult community where most of us are white, upper middle-class  professionals, with a smattering of Black residents, Asian residents and Latinos. I can’t speak for others, but I think my lifestyle has something to do with me being a white, college-educated, straight male who  looked like my bosses throughout my career. 

I know people who were less privileged who did as well or better than me. They, who made it, shared an ethic that if one studied, worked hard, saved money and invested along the way, one would do alright. A few managed to work their way into the top 2% (or higher) based on net worth. Some may have gotten some good breaks along the way or overcome significant obstacles to get ahead. Most now benefit when the stock market goes up and are immune to factors like the unemployment rate. 

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