The Ungovernable: Hundreds march for Cuomo’s Impeachment

The call for Governor Andrew Cuomo to be removed from office is growing with one collective cry that reverberated through Downtown Manhattan on Saturday afternoon.

An army of protest organizers, elected officials, candidates running for office, and community members rallied beneath the Washington Square Arch and pounding sun in Lower Manhattan where they demanded Cuomo undergo impeachment proceedings as soon as possible. Between 300 and 400 individuals encircled speakers such as Assembly member Ron Kim and State Senator Jabari Brisport who not only called for the Governor’s immediate removal, but also took the embattled head of state to task for the lack of resources aiding the homeless community, essential workers who did not receive any stimulus help, and the thousands of nursing home seniors who died from COVID-19 exposure. Onlookers unleashed a cacophony of cheers as one by one those in attendance declared it is time for Cuomo to go.

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