City Council Speaker Corey Johnson officially launches last-minute bid for Comptroller


With little more than three months to go before the June 22 primary, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson officially threw his hat into the city comptroller’s race — and a serious wrench into the overall campaign.

On March 9, Johnson made his official announcement on the southwest corner of Madison Square Park, months after he pulled out of the mayoral election. 

Johnson says he has but “one mission” for the office, if elected: “to better the lives of New Yorkers.”

“I promise to be your voice when you are knocked down and can’t speak. To be the champion for the most vulnerable because I’ve been there. I’ve lived it,” he added.

Johnson’s pitch for Comptroller heavily involved his track record of accomplishments and work as Speaker for City Council, emphasizing that he has led the City Council through several budget and oversight work. He says that he will be the watchdog of city agencies.