Money Talk: NYCCFB Gives Out Largest Public Funds Payment to Date

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Image credit: Never Sink Media

On Feb. 16, the New York City Campaign Finance Board (NYCCFB) approved a total of $18,660,290 in matching funds – the largest single public funds payment since the 2021 election cycle began.

The payments are based on the campaign finance disclosure reports the candidates filed in January. Candidates received matching funds based on how much money they raised from small donors between July 2020 and Jan. 2021.

A total of five citywide candidates qualified for matching funds. Mayoral candidate Scott Stringer received $1,176,714, while Eric Adams received $788,443. In the Comptroller race, the three qualifying candidates were Zachary Iscol, Brad Lander and Brian Benjamin – receiving $1,401,582, $518,012 and $329,188, respectively.

Four out of six of the Manhattan Borough President race qualified for matching funds: Mark Levine, Ben Kallos, Elizabeth Caputo and Lindsey Boylan. For more details about the matching funds in that race, click here.

A total of 107 City Council candidates qualified for matching funds, 19 of which hailed from Manhattan. Of those, District 5 candidate Julie Menin and District 6 candidate Jeffrey Omura received the maximum possible payout of $160,444.

The next round of public funds payments is slated for March 15, 2021.

Candidate Overview

OfficeCandidatePayment on Feb. 16
MayorScott Stringer$1,176,714
MayorEric Adams$788,443
ComptrollerZachary Iscol$1,401,582
ComptrollerBrad Lander$518,012
ComptrollerBrian Benjamin$329,188
Manhattan BPMark Levine$1,116,087
Manhattan BPBen Kallos$393,794
Manhattan BPElizabeth Caputo$303,358
Manhattan BPLindsey Boylan$259,783
City Council District 1Susan Lee$81,442
City Council District 3Leslie Boghosian Murphy$78,105
City Council District 5Billy Freeland$21,690
City Council District 5Rebecca Lamorte$50,308
City Council District 5Tricia Shimamura$51,368
City Council District 5Julie Menin$160,444
City Council District 5Christopher Sosa$64,060
City Council District 6David Gold$55,586
City Council District 6Sara Lind$40,265
City Council District 6Jeffrey Omura$160,444
City Council District 7Stacy Lynch$104,295
City Council District 7Maria Ordonez$57,897
City Council District 7Corey Ortega$130,344
City Council District 7Luis Tejada$148,732
City Council District 8Diana Ayala$35,690
City Council District 9Joshua Clennon$72,945
City Council District 9William Council$51,756
City Council District 10Angela Fernandez$52,463
City Council District 10Josue Perez$24,268