Money Talk: Manhattan Race Highlights (Jul. 2020 – Jan. 2021)

2021 City Council candidates L-R: Jenny Low (Photo source:, Julie Menin (Photo source: Julie Menin campaign fb page), Mario Rosser (Photo source: Mario Rosser fb page), Jeffrey Omura (Photo source:
2021 City Council candidates L-R: Jenny Low (Photo source:, Julie Menin (Photo source: Julie Menin campaign fb page), Mario Rosser (Photo source: Mario Rosser fb page), Jeffrey Omura (Photo source:
State Senator Brad Hoylman (photo provided by Avi Small)
State Senator Brad Hoylman
Jenny Lam-Low (Photo source:
Jenny Lam-Low

Last Friday was the deadline by which the candidates in 2021 elections had to submit their campaign disclosure reports to the New York City Campaign Finance Board (NYCCFB). According to the reports, Manhattan Borough President candidate Brad Hoylman and Council District 1 candidate Jenny Low enjoyed the most fundraising success during the period between July 2020 and Jan. 2021.

The disclosure reports detail the private fundraising each candidate did from last July to January. These numbers will determine their eligibility for the third round of NYCCFB’s campaign matching funds program, which will take place on Feb. 15.

From July 2020 to Jan. 2021, Hoylman accumulated $365,870 in private funds – more than that received between July 12th, 2020 and January 11, 2021 by Lindsey Boylan ($122,700), Mark Levine ($120,254) and Ben Kallos ($90,568) combined. Hoylman also boasted the largest overall number of contributors – 1,603.

However, Kallos also did quite well for himself. Although he only came in fourth in terms of total private funds received, he boasted the second highest number of contributors (1,025), as well as the second smallest average donation size ($88) – just barely behind Kimberly Watkins, who averaged $81 per donation.

Council District 1 candidate Jenny Low accumulated a whopping $86,453 – surpassing not only her fellow District 1 candidates, but every other City Council candidate in Manhattan. In a close second was District 5 candidate Julie Menin, who raised $73,187.

Low also led the District 1 race in overall contributors (478), placing her third among all of the Manhattan City Council candidates, after District 9’s Mario Rosser (491) and District 6’s Jeffrey Omura (628). Omura also reported an unusually small average donation size – $65, the smallest among all the candidates in District 6.

See below for an overview of every candidate who raised $1,000 or more:

OfficeCandidatePrivate Funds Received# of ContributorsAverage Contribution% of Money from Donors Outside NYC
Manhattan BPBrad Hoylman$365,8701,603$22819.98%
Manhattan BPLindsey Boylan$122,700522$23527.43%
Manhattan BPMark Levine$120,254888$13510.04%
Manhattan BPBen Kallos$90,5681,025$8812.64%
Manhattan BPElizabeth Caputo$59,592426$14026.4%
Manhattan BPKimberly Watkins$11,364140$8121.72%
CC01Jenny Low$86,453478$18126.28%
CC01Gigi Li$35,182222$1584.43%
CC01Tiffany Winbrush$12,790164$7844.75%
CC01Denny Salas$10,175105$9741.03%
CC01Christopher Marte$5,606114$4924.97%
CC01Maud Maron$4,69841$1,07022.78%
CC02Carlina Rivera$24,170258$9410.32%
CC03Arthur Schwartz$40,910197$1069.85%
CC03Leslie Boghosian Murphy$30,771200$15433.94%
CC03Erik Bottcher$19,088140$13514.85%
CC03Phelan-Dante Fitzpatrick$15,413216$7118.88%
CC03Aleta LaFargue$14,786227$6525.23%
CC03Marni Halasa$13,718183$7538.48%
CC04Keith Powers$46,558273$17120.65%
CC05Julie Menin$73,187368$19912.51%
CC05Billy Freeland$26,160233$11127.47%
CC05Tricia Shimamura$17,000212$8011.79%
CC05Kim Moscaritolo$11,790134$8814.27%
CC05Rebecca Lamorte$10,325172$6043.34%
CC05Christopher Sosa$5,971168$3627.52%
CC05Marco Tamayo$2,9001$2,900100%
CC06Jeffrey Omura$40,957628$6524.01%
CC06Sara K. Lind$16,463175$9417.51%
CC06David Gold$10,263136$7511.78%
CC06Gale Brewer$2,91622$13326.58%
CC06 Zack Weiner$2,2364$5590.81%
CC07Raymond Sanchez$36,805414$8942.82%
CC07Stacy Lynch$24,873297$8416.62%
CC07Corey Ortega$21,408244$619.76%
CC07Luis Tejada$18,520321$584.72%
CC07Maria Ordonez$10.968202$549.66%
CC07Daniel Cohen$9,189132$7012.25%
CC07Shaun Abreu$7,50546$16316.19%
CC07Marti G. Allen-Cummings$6,753181$3820.86%
CC07Lena Melendez$6,444159$419.7%
CC07Carmen Quinones$3,330105$320%
CC08Diana Ayala $14,19195$14917.76%
CC09Mario Rossser$47,963491$9847.92%
CC09Cordell Cleare$31,699225$14051.38%
CC09Keith Taylor$20,377200$10239.76%
CC09William K. Council$17,170180$9532.32%
CC09Joshua Clennon$14,308188$7614.54%
CC09Kristin Jordan$13,340234$5722.29%
CC09William A. Allen$13,213179$6314.61%
CC09Ruth McDaniels$9,045110$707.68%
CC09Pierre Gooding$7,24539$18677.09%
CC10Carmen De La Rosa$38,213253$15138.81%
CC10Angela Fernandez$24,793173$14327.67%
CC10Johanna Garcia$20,145246$825.63%
CC10Josue G. Perez$6,42160$1073.58%