KCP’s Favorite Editorials of 2020

Opinion & Viewpoints

Anybody that follows us knows that when it comes to our commentaries/editorials/Friday Lit, we often have a ‘Take no prisoners’ approach. We believe that these columns – written both from the mind and the heart are important pieces that make readers think, whether they agree with them or not.

The following are our favorites from 2020.

Op-Ed: Who The Fuck Are You To Tell Me My City’s Dead

Staff reporter Ariama C. Long hit it out of the park with this one. It garnered our site over 56,000 views and was quoted and referenced to by all the major dailies and comedian Jerry Seinfeld among others.

DSA: It’s Your Turn at Bat

We have been quite critical of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), but they have proved again and again in 2020 that they are winners. They deserve credit for this and as they grow in elected office it will be interesting to see how they govern.

Op-Ed: Flatlands Funeral Director Shouldn’t Be Scapegoated

This editorial did not get as many views as some of our others, but we think it is important none-the-less. KCP is proud of our breaking news coverage early on of the COVID pandemic as we broke a number of stories. It remains an injustice that this funeral director is scapegoated by the state when the state itself contributed so much to this incident from happening because of its lack of preparation.

Op-Ed: Cuomo Should Fire DOH Commissioner Zucker

See the above editorial.

East Flatbush Grocery Run Dodges Coronavirus

There is something to be said for literary journalism. Staff reporter Ariama C. Long’s regular Friday Lit column speaks of life in working-class Black East Flatbush. It’s not flashy like hipster Williamsburg or painted over in newsy coverage with local media reports. But it’s an important slice of life. Like Linda says in the play, Death of a Salesman, “Attention must be paid.”

Op-Ed: Stop Killing My People

Staff reporter Ariama C. Long chimed in with this editorial after the graphically brutal killing of George Floyd after a white police officer put a knee to the back of his neck, sparking off the national Black Lives Matter movement in street protests against racial injustice not seen since the 1960s Civil Rights days.

On Nepotism, Patronage & Reforming Brooklyn’s Democratic Party

This fairly recent commentary was widely criticized by the Twitter police and cancel culture squad as sexist and racist against Brown-skinned immigrant women from lower-Asia, but we beg to differ. Nepotism and patronage is nepotism and patronage no matter how one tries to spin it. It would be interesting to see some of the qualifications of others who applied for the position and see what they have to say about an insider being given the job. Calling into question executive members of reform and transparency-minded political clubs that take such jobs is fair game.

The Art of White Privilege

This op-ed was written during the heat of our state election coverage.