Op-Ed: The Future of New York City

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The year 2020 will go down in history for many things: rising crime, COVID, closed schools, Presidential and Congressional elections, police brutality, massive street protests, sale of NYCHA buildings, increased taxes with decreased public services etc.

With weeks away from the 2021 New Year, this year’s many problems are certain to carry over into the next year. Additionally, 2021 brings mass uncertainty as to how New York City government will be handling these and many other issues going forward. The year 2021 is a major election year for New York City government. There are elections for the entire fifty-one seat City Council. It’s an absolute certainty the makeup of the new City Council will be very different than the current one; that is because term-limits unseat a whooping thirty-eight of the fifty-one Council seats–although all seats stand for election (or reelection as the case may be).

What’s more the five Borough Presidents, District Attorneys, Public Advocate, Comptroller and Mayor’s Offices are all in play. As persons prepare to run for Public Office, the first step is the learn about the New York City Campaign Financing Board (NYCCFB) and its legal duties and powers http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City_Campaign_Finance_Board. 

The New York City Campaign Finance Board’s website is Welcome | New York City Campaign Finance Board. The website is a vast collection of public filings covering the New York City Charter http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City_Charter/. Campaign Finance Act, voting sites, election calendar, candidate debates, matching funds programs, campaign finance reports, post election/enforcement issues and much more.

The record to date 395 people have filed papers declaring themselves running for some New York City public office. Some are the usual collection of career politicians playing musical chairs hopping from one public office to another. However, a large number are in fact first-time candidates for public office–most are political and community unknowns.

Going forward–with the primary election slated for June 2021 there are six months for these candidates to take hard positions on the issues of the day. One of the hottest issues of the day concerns the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and WHO and HOW the NYPD will be run. Many New York City Residents continue to believe that the NYPD Commissioner should be an elected office. Op-Ed: It’s Time to Make NYPD Commissioner an Elected Office.

Finally, where the candidates stand on NYCHA, schools, taxes, municipal employment jobs for New York City Residents, affordable housing, traffic safety issues, subway/bus services, health and many more issues remain to be seen. Only time will tell what positions they will take.

Joe Gonzalez is a Community Activist who lives and works in Brooklyn New York.

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