Medgar Evers College Arts Alive Program Comes to LIfe


For City University of New York (CUNY) Colleges, December is the last month for the fall semester. But at the end of each semester, Medgar Evers College will host The Dr. Lola Thompson Arts Alive, formerly known as Arts Alive. The Department of Mass Communications Creative Arts & Performing Arts and Speech initiated this event. To help students show their parents and audiences what they have learned in class and earn credit for participating in the course. 

Arts Alive is a talent show for students who showcase their performance skills in dance, theatre, music, speech, and other entertainment activities. It’s usually located at the Edison O. Jackson (EOJ) auditorium in the Bedford Building. But because of Covid-19, this year, Arts Alive will be broadcasted on Facebook and YouTube live at 7 p.m., today, Thursday, December 3.

Students began online learning in the third week of March due to Covid-19. Students and professors met on Zoom or BlackBoard Ultra. If an English class starts at 10 a.m., students and professors will meet at that time, and depending on the professor, they may choose to end the class early. Classes continued with distant learning for the fall, winter, and spring terms, until further notice. 

Fall 2020 classes began in the last week of August. Winter 2021 classes begin a day after New Year’s Day, and Spring 2021 classes will start in the last week of January. Most courses will resume asynchronous learning that will occur in the fall and spring semesters.

Some students threatened to take a semester off or quit college because online learning is a challenge. Some may feel the pressures of submitting assignments on the deadline and time management. Suppose students choose to continue their college education. In that case, they will receive credit, but they must maintain a C+ or higher in all of their classes. And most courses are three credits, and others are two credits. 

Remember to tune into Facebook or YouTube Live on December 3, 2020, at 7 pm to watch the beautiful performances that students took their time to put together. And register for the spring semester beginning on October 20, on CUNY First. Your education is the key to your success. 

The Medgar Evers College Slogan: “We create success, one student at a time.”