MANH Lawmakers on the Move, Oct. 21, 2020

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Serrano to Host Roundtable on COVID-19’s Impact on Arts & Culture

State Senator Jose Serrano (Photo credit:
State Senator Jose Serrano

Today, State Senator Jose M. Serrano (D-Manhattan, Bronx) will be hosting a roundtable discussion about the pandemic’s impact on the economic impact of COVID-19 on the arts and culture sector of New York.

Serrano and State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-Westchester County) will hear from the cultural community on how the pandemic has affected their businesses and livelihoods. They will also be discussing how to ensure that we don’t exclude cultural institutions from our economic recovery efforts.

The event will take place today at 10 a.m. at

James Announces Continuation of Bipartisan Antitrust Investigation Into Google

Attorney General of NY Letitia James (Photo by KCP)
Attorney General of NY Letitia James

Yesterday, New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) released a joint statement with the attorneys general of Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah after the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced an antitrust lawsuit against Google.

Last year, she and a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general launched an investigation into Google for potential anticompetitive conduct. The investigation focused on Google’s lack of any real competition from other search engines.

“Over the last year, both the U.S. DOJ and state attorneys general have conducted separate but parallel investigations into Google’s anticompetitive market behavior,” they said. “We appreciate the strong bipartisan cooperation among the states and the good working relationship with the DOJ on these serious issues. This is a historic time for both federal and state antitrust authorities, as we work to protect competition and innovation in our technology markets. We plan to conclude parts of our investigation of Google in the coming weeks. If we decide to file a complaint, we would file a motion to consolidate our case with the DOJ’s. We would then litigate the consolidated case cooperatively, much as we did in the Microsoft case.”

Cuomo Extends Moratorium on COVID-Related Commercial Evictions

Governor Andrew Cuomo (Photo Credit:
Governor Andrew Cuomo

Yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) signed an executive order extending New York’s moratorium on COVID-related commercial evictions through Jan. 1, 2021.

The measure extends existing protections for commercial tenants who suffered financial loss due to the pandemic. It also allows them additional time to catch up on overdue rent or mortgage payments, or renegotiate their leases if they risk foreclosure.

“The health and economic impacts of this pandemic have been devastating, and we are continuing to do everything we can to support people who are suffering,” Cuomo said. “We are going to extend the commercial eviction and foreclosure moratorium through January 1st. That will now align with our residential eviction moratorium so they are both extended to the same date.”   

Electeds to Call on Governor to Release Billions in Federal Funds

Richard N. Gottfried (Photo Credit:
Assembly Member Richard N. Gottfried

Today, a plethora of electeds, including Assemblymembers Richard Gottfried (D-Chelsea, Midtown) and Linda Rosenthal (D-Hell’s Kitchen, Upper West Side), will be joining a Zoom call to urge Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) to release billions in Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF).

New York received $5.1 billion from the CRF; of that, over $2 billion remains at the State’s disposal. This is in spite of the fact that countless service providers, including nonprofits and healthcare providers, are in desperate need of economic relief. One study shows that 1,829 nonprofits in New York are risking going out of business because of the crisis. Because of this, lawmakers and advocates are demanding that Cuomo release the funds as soon as possible.

The event will take place today at 11 a.m. over Zoom. To register, click here.

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