PSA: You’re Running Out of Time to Fill Out the 2020 Census!

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Hey you.

Yeah, you. I’m talking to you!

Have you filled out the 2020 Census? 

No? Did you rush past the civic minded goody-two-shoes standing on street corners asking if you’ve been counted? Did you keep putting it off? Did you crumple up the paper the person who knocked on your door left behind and say to yourself you’ll do it another day?

Well, now’s the time to fill it out because today is the last day to get counted. Click here to fill out the 2020 Census online before it’s too late.

There is now less than 24 hours left to the once every ten year population count. Following a U.S. Supreme Court decision on Tuesday, the 2020 Census will now end at 6 a.m. on Friday October 16 –– but that’s just if you want to fill in the form online. 

If you want to mail it in, quick! Run to the post office before collection. Your submission needs to be postmarked by today, October 15, or it won’t count. 

Don’t want to risk a late postmark date –– because let’s be real, you’ve probably missed the collection for today –– and prefer to fill in the form over the phone? Better pick up your phone and start dialing since the phone lines close around 10 p.m. tonight. 

Filling out the census takes about 10 minutes and you won’t regret it. Getting counted means federal funding for schools, public transportation, healthcare and more. It means proper representation in Congress. Census data is used to make decisions like how many vaccines get sent to a district (COVID-19 vaccine anyone?). 

The pandemic really threw the census for a loop but through the hard work of lawmakers, community groups, and people like you (once you fill out the census!) we’ll have come out on top. According to data compiled by the 2020 Census, Queens currently has a self response rate of 62.5%. That’s more than the self response rate from the 2010 Census. 

But it’s still not enough. 

Who should be counted you ask? Everyone, even babies. 

If you’re undocumented, you should fill it out as well. It is illegal for the Census Bureau to share data that can identify individuals with anyone, including other government agencies so your information will be safe and sound.

So, will you please fill out the 2020 Census? Pretty please with sugar on top?

Click here to fill out the 2020 Census online before it’s too late.

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