Liz Crotty, Lifelong New Yorker, Running for Manhattan District Attorney

Liz Crotty (photo provided by Liz Crotty's campaign)
Liz Crotty (photo provided by Liz Crotty’s campaign)

Liz Crotty, a lifelong New Yorker and former Assistant District Attorney, has just announced her candidacy for Manhattan District Attorney, pledging “practical, equitable solutions” for the borough.

Born and raised in Stuyvesant Town, Liz has enjoyed a full legal career in both criminal law and civil litigation. In Sep. 2000, she became an assistant DA, working in both the Trial and Investigative Divisions. It was an opportunity that would shape her legal career for years to come.

“I learned early on that the job meant ensuring all victims get justice, all defendants get a fair shot and that everyone gets to feel safe and secure in New York City,” Liz said. “And today we need to bring about real change. Criminal justice reform must make sense and benefit all New Yorkers, whether you are a defendant or a victim, family member, witness, or police officer.”

Liz founded the law firm Crotty Saland, P.C. and she has represented countless individuals, both plaintiffs and defendants. While Liz is a zealous advocate who fights aggressively for her clients, she also tries to be approachable, and personable. She has handled a variety of cases including grand larceny, fraud, assault, rape, DWI, and weapons possession.

“We need a District Attorney who has practical solutions,” she said. “Without that knowledge, you cannot achieve effective reform. Equally important are common sense, logic, grit, and guts. And I have those too I’m the candidate who knows this City top to bottom, inside out, has the experience, and the common sense, practicality, and determination to make the necessary changes.”

As a lifelong New Yorker, Liz has seen New York through some of its worst and best times. She understands the fear New Yorkers once felt simply walking down the street and the fear that the reality of such a time may be rapidly returning. She remembers what it felt like to not feel safe in your own home and to never dare walk down our streets alone after dark.

“We need a common-sense approach and smart ideas to attain equal justice for people of all races, ethnicities, countries of origin, sexual orientations, ages and genders,” she said. “Through know-how, diligence and a persistent work ethic, I will make it happen now
and in the future.”

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