Queens BP candidate Dao Yin announces new endorsements


Businessman Dao Yin announced a slate of endorsements for his candidacy for Queens Borough President with less than a week to go before the election. 

Yin, a first-generation immigrant to Queens, was endorsed by 17 different individuals and 10 different organizations, a press release from his campaign announced on Wednesday. 

“I am honored to receive so much support as the first Asian-American candidate for Queens Borough President,” Yin said.

The announcement comes just a day after local political news site City and State published a round up of endorsements for the Queens Borough President race that did not list any endorsements for Yin. 

Among the individuals who endorsed Yin’s candidacy for the borough-wide office was former New York State Assemblymember and Queens community leader Jimmy Meng.

“In the past few years, Dao Yin has fought consistently to give Chinese Americans, Asians and other underrepresented communities a voice in Queens,” said Jimmy Meng. “Queens has very large Chinese and, more broadly, Asian populations, but our communities have no voice. Anyone who believes in fair representation should vote for Dao Yin on June 23.”

Yin has positioned himself as the candidate most concerned with public safety. In a recent debate hosted by QNS, he lauded the police response to the recent protests following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“The police have far more self-control than you do,” he said referring to the clashes that occurred between protesters and the NYPD. 

Despite his pro-police stance, he did not receive endorsements from local law enforcement unions such as the New York City Police Benevolent Association, one of the city’s more powerful unions. Those endorsements went to opponent and former City Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley. 

Yin did, however, receive endorsements from the former President of the New York City Police Department Hispanic Society Louis Hernandez and the National Police and Veterans Foundations. 

Yin was also endorsed by two current candidates for the New York State Assembly, multiple Queens community leaders and various national organizations such as the U.S. Federation of Chinese American Entrepreneurs and the Asian Americans Alliance. 

“The vast array of individuals and organizations who have endorsed Dao Yin, including representatives from communities across Asia and elsewhere, demonstrates the wide range of support Dao Yin enjoys in Queens,” said Aaron Foldenauer, Yin’s campaign manager.

The election is next Tuesday, June 23.

Individuals who endorsed Dao Yin for Queens Borough President

  • Jimmy Meng, former Member of the New York State Assembly and Queens Community Activist and Businessman
  • Michael Zumbluskas, former Chair of the Manhattan Independence Party, President of the East Side Independence Club, and Candidate for New York State Senate
  • Meung Suk Li, Candidate for New York State Assembly
  • Kenneth Chiu, Candidate for New York State Assembly
  • Joseph R. Erazo, Esq., Former Commissioner of Manpower and Career Development
  • Raies Warsi, President of the Pakistani Community of North America
  • Louis Hernandez, Former President of the New York City Police Department Hispanic Society
  • Mohinder Singh, Chairman of Board of The Trustees of The Sikh Center
  • Kulwant Singh, Vice President of the Sikh Society
  • Shou Min Li, New York Chong Zheng Chinese Community Federation Association
  • Mohammad Rehman, Muslim community leader in Jamaica
  • Mohammad Rana, Bangladeshi community leader in Jamaica
  • Aslam Hussain, Bangladeshi community leader in Jamaica
  • Tanveer Bhatti, Pakistani community leader in Bellerose
  • Mohammad Khurrshed-Ul-Haque, Pakistani community leader in Bellerose
  • Nabaraj KC, President, Rotary Club of New York – Queens
  • Tuna Ghimire, Nepali community leader

Organizations that endorsed Dao Yin for Queens Borough President

  • The Asian Americans Alliance (member countries include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Korea, China, Mongolia, Nepal)
    • Adam Kim, Founder and President
    • Dawood Ali, Founder and Senior Vice-President
    • Chaudhry Anwar, Founder and Vice-President
    • Meung Suk Li, Board of Directors
    • Jerry Lo, Board of Directors
    • Phill Gim, Board of Directors
    • Khalid Jawed, Board of Directors
    • Kris Ram, Board of Directors
  • National Police and Veterans Foundations
  • The U.S. Federation of Chinese American Entrepreneurs
  • Fukien American Association
  • Guang Dong Association of America
  • U.S. Wenzhou Association
  • Fu Jian Association in the USA
  • San Kiang Charitable Association
  • Shanghai Association of America
  • Shangdong Association of Eastern America