Op-Ed: Medgar Evers College Faculty Defends President Crew


We’ve come to the end of a semester and an academic year filled with uncertainty, fear, and unimaginable challenges. A worldwide pandemic has thrust all of us into new operational and instructional domains. For many of us, illness from Covid-19, as well as untold grief from the loss of family members, friends, and colleagues is unbearable. As we continue to experience the ravages of Covid-19 within our communities, our city, and our nation, we are reminded to give thanks every day we are alive and to continue to take the necessary precautions to maintain our health and safety. 

In the midst of Covid-19, we are all appalled by the unfortunate incidences of racial and social injustice in full display across our country. As champions of social justice who embrace the mission of Medgar Evers College as well as the values of our martyred namesake, we are called to do some serious, honest reflection and introspection. We denounce all actions that reflect man’s inhumanity to man.

Amid the noise, we must write our own narratives of truth. History will hold us accountable by our public image and the work that we do within our college and community in the name of social justice and community building.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Medgar Evers College, we are urged to reflect on the work of the well-meaning, hard-working, and productive faculty, students, and staff from 2013 to the present, and compare this period with the accomplishments during the previous administration (2007–2013) to evaluate our progress. The last seven years reflect the rebirth of our institution in effectively serving our students, our college, and our community. 

Medgar Evers College President Dr. Rudy Crew

The attached document MEC Institutional Renewal and Growth – Comparative Snapshot provides an accurate summary, though not exhaustive, of the college’s accomplishments under the leadership of President Rudolph F. Crew and his administration. An unbiased look at these accomplishments shows that we are far better now than we ever were. Let us acknowledge our impact in transforming so many lives and creating change agents in our community.

We always strive to do more. We have implicit confidence in the unrivaled leadership and unwavering commitment of President Crew. Even if it is for one more year, let us pledge to serve our college with the same purpose, vigor, determination, and commitment that Dr. Crew has encouraged and nurtured among us.

For five decades, we’ve been challenged to do a lot with meager resources, and we’ve done exceptionally well. That is the true narrative. Now, more than ever, it is important that we unite to promote our college’s broader mission to provide equal opportunities for all and to address the major obstacle of inequitable distribution of resources to effectively support the marginalized students we serve.

As a nationally recognized Predominantly Black Institution (PBI) and a champion of social justice, the Medgar Evers College community is central to the larger cause that emphasizes the urgency of now in tackling the systemic inequities in public education, public health, public safety, housing, justice system, and so on.

By signing this letter, we recommit to the stability and to the continued growth of our collective work at Medgar Evers College. Let us embrace that collective mission. Let us give our 50th anniversary the credit it deserves: our students deserve it; our community deserves it, and our country needs it. 


Sheilah M. Paul Founding Dean, School of Education


Dr. Ethan Gologor Interim Dean, School of Liberal Arts

Dr. Clinton Crawford Chair, Mass Communications, Creative & Performing Arts and Speech

Dr. Maudry Beverly Lashley Chair, Psychology

Dr. Vivaldi Jean-Marie Chair, Philosophy and Religion

Dr. Edward Hernandez Chair, Social Work

Dr. Emmanuel Egbe Chair, Economics and Finance, School of Business

Dr. Carolle Bolnet Chair, Biology Department

Dr. David Ahn Chair, Computer Information Systems

Dr. David Orenstein Faculty, Social & Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Judith Schwartz Chief Librarian

Prof. Moses Phillips Center for Learning &Teaching Excellence

Ms. Tanya Serdiuk Director, Office of Program Reviews and Institutional Accreditation

Dr. Ken Hoyte Director, Center for Cognitive Development

Dr. Alicia Collins Academic Advisor/Early Field Supervisor

Dr. Anthony Udeogalanya Faculty, Biology Department

Dr. Chiyedza Small Faculty, Biology Department

Dr. Alam Nur-e-Kamal Faculty, Biology Department

Dr. Mozaffar Hassan Faculty, Biology Department

Dr. Ebere Nduka Faculty, Biology Department

Prof. Herbert Odunukwe Faculty, Mathematics Department

Dr. Alicia Reid Chair, Physical and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Jean Gumbs Chair, Department of Nursing

Dr. Keming Liu Chair, English Department

Prof. David Hatchett Faculty, English Department

Prof. Adero Zaire Green Faculty, Department of Multicultural Early Childhood and Elementary Education