51st Assembly District Race: Ortiz, Walsh Top Fundraisers

The money pot for the 51st Assembly District race is spilling over with cash, as Katherine Walsh, one of three challengers to incumbent Assemblymember Feliz Ortiz (D-Red Hook, Sunset Park) has raised over $100,000 in total campaign contributions. 

Of those contributions, 91% of those were $100 or less, coming from a total of 1,308 donations since launching in late September. 

Walsh’s campaign said the main reason behind the flood of cash is Walsh’s demand for better leadership, a theme she has incorporated throughout her campaign. 

“At the start of the pandemic, there was a deafening silence from our current State Assemblymember, leaving our district to fend for itself. Neighbors stepped up to help us grow South Brooklyn Mutual Aid, which has now delivered groceries to over 1,800 families. But neighbors can only do so much. We deserve more from our elected leadership,” said Walsh. 

Walsh has continued her attack on Assistant Assembly Speaker Ortiz, telling KCP in January that “he was asleep at the wheel”. 

But support for Ortiz has put him in the top for the 51st Assembly seat race where he has raised a healthy $178,402 in contributions. 

Accusations withheld, Ortiz has been particularly outspoken these past few weeks as his bill, A.3566, became a part of Governor Cuomo’s package of police reforms known as the “Say Their Name” Reform Agenda. 

Ortiz’s bill would make the reporting of false crimes based on race, religion or ethnicity a crime. 

“We have heard from our constituents and are acting now, not waiting for Washington or anyone else to take the lead,” said Ortiz. 

As for the money raised by the other two candidates, Marcela Mitaynes and Genesis Aquino, the numbers don’t come near the amounts seen previously. 

Mataynes has a total of $29,730.99 cash on hand according to the State Board of Elections (BOE) 32-day pre-primary report.  Aquino has not filed that report according to the (BOE), and has $13,576 cash on hand according to the January report she filed.

The primary is slated for June 23. Early voting starts June 13.

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