Gounardes Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign

State Sen. Andrew Gounardes this past weekend kicked off his re-election campaign with his last fundraiser at the Dyker Heights Country Club, 1030 7th Avenue before heading off to Albany for the start of the legislative session.

At the fundraiser, Gounardes emphasized the legislative achievements in Albany that he participated in. This included his support for LGBTQ rights, and passing the Reproductive Health and Community Leadership and Climate Protection Act.

State Sen. Andrew Gounardes with supporters. Photo by Melissa Clark.

Gounardes also stressed how he helped schools with grants and funding, and with pedestrian safety in school districts such as reauthorizing the school’s speed camera program – two core issues on which he ran and defeated former State Sen. Marty Golden in 2018.

Gounardes also thanked the community, with whom he partnered on several initiatives. This included starting a pedestrian and street safety task force, and a pedestrian youth safety task force so young adults can help political officials solve the traffic violence epidemic.

Gounardes also noted his concern is paying attention to the needs of special education students in charter schools. Last year, this included a $25,000 allocation to the Brooklyn Blue Feather Charter School to help with funding.

“There are so many issues and our fair share of challenges that we have to confront. This will be the most productive, prolific, and historic legislative session in New York history. I am so blessed to be able to serve in that chamber and represent this community.” said Gounardes.


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