GOPers Battle Dems In Impeachment Protest

Andrea Catsimatidis (right) leads impeachment protest.

Andrea Catsimatidis (R) was joined by fellow Republicans outside of House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler’s (D-Borough Park, Kensington, parts of Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, Red Hook, Sunset Park, Midwood, Manhattan) Congressional office in Manhattan today to speak out against what Catsimatidis described as a partisan and farce impeachment process against President Donald Trump. 

But Democratic counterprotesters held their own in challenging the GOPers on the merits of impeachment against Trump.

This protest comes as Congress begins the second phase of public impeachment hearings against the President, now helmed by the House Judiciary Committee and Chairman Nadler. 

Counter-protesters in support of the impeachment. Photo by Owen Maldonado.

Catsimatidis spoke in brief statements during this demonstration to call for Nadler to “Stop spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on this scam process,” and insisted that he should instead come back to New York where he would be able to “work on the issues that people in this district care about the most.” 

But the counter-demonstration in support of impeachment engaged in a verbal debate with the anti-impeachment protestors over what the fate of Donald Trump’s presidency should be. Catsimatidis accused Nadler of sending the group to take focus away from her message. She hailed this accusation as a sign that the congressman was “afraid of what we are doing here today.”

Catsimatidis’ supporters didn’t argue against the findings in the reports that were presented this week by the House Intelligence Committee, but instead broke into familiar chants of “lock her up” and “no collusion”, while also calling for the impeachment of Nadler.

While conceding that members of Congress cannot be impeached, one Republican attendee shouted that, “at least it sounds cool,” earning some laughs from Catsimatidis and others.

Kellen Gold, a resident of Manhattan from Nadler’s district, was surprised to hear supporters of President Trump calling for Trump to serve a third term in office and the impeachment of Nadler. “I was not here to support Jerry Nadler specifically, I was here to support impeachment.” They described many of the President’s supporters as being “unethical” for promoting ideas that go against the constitution. 

Editor’s Note: Andrea Catsimatidis’ name has been corrected.