Trump Impeachment Process Puts Rose In Tough Spot

U.S. Rep. Max Rose (D-South Brooklyn, Staten Island), a decorated U.S. Army Ranger war veteran, who knows a thing or two about collateral damage in a military sense, is quickly learning it’s political meaning as well.

That after Rose is increasing getting caught up in the crossfire between the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump and Republicans, who are already painting him as more in line with U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Queens, Bronx) and the squad than with the bulk of his constituents in a district Trump carried in 2016.

Max Rose
U.S. Rep.-Elect Max Rose

For now, Rose is straddling the fence in not calling for an impeachment proceeding on a whistleblower allegation that Trump did a quid pro quo with the Ukranian president to further investigate Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden and his son sitting on the board of a Ukranian energy company during the Obama Administration in exchange for American taxpayer financial aid.

“The transcript, whistleblower report, and the Acting Director of National Intelligence’s testimony is deeply alarming. This story is far from over and we must proceed in a deliberate and responsible manner that brings all the facts to the forefront and earns the trust of the American people. That’s the only way to uphold the Constitution without tearing this country apart. Under no circumstances will I allow politics to influence my decision regarding this matter,” he said.

Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis

But Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis (D-Bay Ridge, Staten Island), Rose’s likely opponent in next year’s Congressional general election, is defining Rose as more loyal to the Democratic Party above all else.

“Max Rose is adept at playing both sides of an issue whether its impeachment or a number of issues that affect the district, I feel bad for him, he doesn’t seem to have much in the way of principles, he seems more focused on self-preservation. People across Brooklyn and Staten Island are learning what a fraud he is,” said Malliotakis.

Republican operative Jessica Proud, who was the communications for Rose’s predecessor former U.S. Rep. Dan Donovan, and who is now working with the state GOP, said Rose is increasingly moving into dangerous political territory.

“He[Rose] promised voters to be a moderate, but what we’re seeing is anything but that and has caved into the radical left. Now, he says all options [of impeachmnet] are on the table. The Democrats should take a vote now yea or nay on impeachment. We need to see whether he will be in line with his constituents or with AOC and the Squad,” said Pound, noting that Trump won the district in 2016 by 11 points.

Pound said she thinks Republicans are increasingly in good shape to take back the House and gain back three of the four seats they lost in New York last year.

“The Democrats sealed their fate in rushing out [for an impeachment inquiry] before they had any facts. Now they are saying they don’t want any public hearings. I think the American people understand the gravity of impeachment and don’t want to see the country torn into turmoil and a paralyzed government,” she said.

But one Brooklyn Democratic operative source said until all the facts are laid out it is still too early to tell if the impeachment proceedings will hurt Rose.

There are a lot of amateur prognosticators out there saying how it will affect things, but I really don’t think anyone will know yet because a lot can happen in over a year,” said the source.

Rose, meanwhile says he has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution twice and he takes his Congressional oath just as seriously as when he was deployed to Afghanistan.

“That’s why I will not operate on any false timeline when our national security is at stake. My constituents—and our country—deserve Members of Congress who will review the facts and ensure the American people are fully informed,” said Rose.

“Those who would celebrate this moment or dismiss these serious allegations simply because it’s a Republican President should recognize that mindset is why the American people are disgusted with our politics.”

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