[Un] Correct New York With Michael Lambert


I first met Michael Lambert when I was an editor/reporter for Our Time Press and he was the executive director of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Gateway Business Improvement District, and immediately struck up a friendship with him.

Although born in Jamaica West Indies, Lambert came here at a very young age and was raised for almost his entire life in Southeast Queens. A product of the public school system, Lambert graduated from the Bronx High School of Science and went on to have had a wide array of experience in the public and private/public sector of the New York City world. This includes an interesting job at Riker’s Island, and helping develop one of the city’s groundbreaking non-profits in the Bronx.

Lambert also has an interesting take on both the Melinda Katz/Tiffany Caban brouhaha in the recent Queens District Attorneys election and about the rise of the progressive movement in Democratic Party politics.

Check it all out on this week’s [Un] Correct podcast:

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