DA Candidates Prepared to Assume Highest Law Enforcement Office in Queens

Photo by Naeisha Rose

The primary for the Democratic nominee for the Queens District Attorney’s race is just one day away and one candidate short since last week, but those that remain in the race are more than ready for what might possibly lie ahead starting with their first day in office.

“On the first day, I’ll focus on the people in the office. I will hold an all-hands meeting with the new executive staff to address the transition and the agency’s new vision, familiarize myself with the current staff and office protocols, including answering to administrative duties,” said former prosecutor Mina Malik. “The office never stops operating so I also will prioritize becoming acquainted with the details of high-profile or serious current cases, while remaining abreast of moving items.

As soon as I have a footing, my first course of action will be to build Queens’ first Conviction Review Unit, enforce my “Do Not Prosecute List” and set the new standards for the office which I have been unveiling throughout my campaign.”

Borough President Melinda Katz already has plans that she wants to implement if she wins.

“There are a number of things I’ll start doing even before I take office, including outreach to community groups that will be instrumental in implementing new reforms correctly and re-interviewing DA staff to make sure they’re on board with my agenda,” said Katz. ”

On January 1, I plan to hit the ground running, laying the foundation to establish the new bureaus I’ve campaigned upon. I’ll get to work creating a Bureau of Housing/Loan fraud to protect tenants and small businesses, a Bureau of Worker Protection, an Immigrant Justice Unit to ensure the system treats the one million immigrants in Queens fairly, and a separate Hate Crimes Bureau to make sure the most vulnerable in our community are protected.”

If former prosecutor Betty Lugo wins she wants to start off by thanking God and her campaign team.

“My first day of work would be to appoint my transition team and my community relations board,” said Lugo. “I will go to visit the office and have a meeting with everybody at the office.”

Public defender Tiffany Cabán, former Judge Greg Lasak and former prosecutor José Nieves were not able to be reached for comment.

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