Chandler-Waterman Gets Greenbacks For Primary Contest, Louis Lays Goose Egg For Now

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Don’t look now, but the upcoming 45th City Council District Democratic Primary and rematch between City Councilwoman Farah Louis just her main opponent Monique Chandler-Waterman just got hotter than the Fourth of July.

That after the New York City Campaign Finance Board (CFB) issued public matching funds today to Chandler-Waterman for the June 25 contest to the tune of nearly $50,000 ($49,628), while Louis received nothing.

“Our filings reflect the fact that we continue to run a grassroots campaign supported by the majority of the residents in the 45th District. I refuse to sell my community to big money developers by taking their money. I refused the endorsement of the PBA [Police Benevolent Association]  because I am committed to our residents,” said Waterman-Chandler, in taking a swipe at Louis for getting endorsements from a number of Jewish organizations, which make up part of the district, and the PBA.

“I’m thankful to the community for this groundswell of support. I will continue to be a vital voice for our entire district,” she added.

Louis’ campaign noted that while Louis did not get any money today, they did put in for more than $13,000 for matching money and they expect to get upwards of as much as $106,000 as soon as Monday.

“Farah is following the proper process for matching and will receive matching this campaign season,” said Louis’ Spokesperson Tanisha Colon-Bibb.

Today’s disbursement is a far cry from the special election, when both Chandler-Waterman and Louis received $142,500 in matching funds in a seven-person race.

Candidate May 31
 Alexis, Anthony
 Beckford, Anthony
 Chandler-Waterman, Monique R $49,628 $49,628
 Louis, Farah N
 Rose, Xamayla D
 Tulloch, L. Rickie
Total $49,628 $49,628

This is the first payment in the primary election for Council District 45. The CFB may make two more payments to candidates in this race prior to the primary election on June 25th. See the table for a summary of payments in this race:

Under the new limits and thresholds, the CFB provides public matching funds to qualifying City Council candidates at a matching rate of $8-to-$1 for the first $175 contributed by city residents. Each contribution from a New York City resident is eligible for a maximum matching funds payment of $1,400.

Candidates had the choice of participating in the new program or in the old program, which matches contributions at a $6-to-$1 rate. All candidates opted-in to the new $8-to-$1 program.

Candidates must comply with all program rules, including individual contribution limits and a prohibition on contributions from corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, to be eligible for public funds.

To qualify for public matching funds, candidates must meet the nonpartisan objective criteria set in the law. In the election, candidates must receive a minimum of 75 contributions from residents of the 45th City Council District, and must receive at least $5,000 in match-eligible contributions from city residents. Only the match-eligible portion of any contribution may count towards the threshold.

The district includes Flatbush, East Flatbush, Flatlands, Midwood, Canarsie.