Op-Ed: “One City. One Brooklyn. One People”

Jovia Radix, left, campaigns on a stoop.
My name is Jovia Radix and I am running for city council in the 45th New York City Council District.  I am truly grateful for the chance to represent a district of such richness of culture and diversity. That’s why if you live in the 45th, I want to let you know what you can expect in my first 100 days as your Council Member!

From the get-go, it will be my priority to introduce legislation and implement policies that address the most serious issues plaguing our community.

First, I will address deed theft, Third Party Transfers, and illegal evictions.  With more reports of deed theft in Brooklyn than any other borough, it’s clear we need change.  It starts with a housing committee hearing on Third Party Transfers, allowing for the public testimony of victims and the opportunity to hold city commissioners accountable for this travesty.  My office will also begin to organize informational seminars throughout communities to educate the public of scams targeting vulnerable homeowners.

While the Council and I investigate the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development’s (HPD) Third Party Transfer Program, the next step in my plan is to analyze the implementation of proposed ideas and introduce legislation to ensure the city will actually help homeowners and return these properties.  Additionally, I plan to pass protections through legislation that ensure deed theft is tenaciously combated and penalties for fraud are substantially increased. Finally, I will propose legislation requiring the housing department to make visits to the sites of delinquency to alert owners of the potential dangers they may face.

Jovia Radix

These aren’t the only scams targeting our communities.  In fact, immigrants continue to face unfair and immoral pressure due to Trump administration policies.  While these horrifying policies are coming from our national policymakers, I will fight hard daily to protect our most vulnerable through city government.  This will include arranging weekly, confidential access to pro-bono immigration lawyers for anyone who needs and wants the service from my office. In addition, I will work to expand language access and translation services, and will work to bridge gaps between residents and the NYPD to help protect and serve all members of our community.

Also within 100 days, I will meet with PTA leaders and survey every district school from the parent’s perspective.  I will focus our budget priorities to provide more resources such as after-school programs and bring back vocational trainings.  This expanded access to after-school and weekend programming will keep our kids in an enriching environment and off our streets. We must provide our children a fighting chance so they have the tools to pursue higher education or give them the skills to have a successful career with or without college.  This means adding more free specialized high school test preparation to students and adding more college courses in our high schools to properly prepare our students for any college of their choice.

In addition, I will work with the small business committee to build public/private partnerships between companies and schools to allow students to learn directly from industry experts. This will give our children real-life work opportunities and open up future job opportunities for them.

Our streets are filled with abandoned cars and overflowing trash on street corners.  I will work with the Sanitation department to budget more street pickups and work with local merchants associations to fund business improvement districts so we can organize more cleanups.  I will also introduce legislation to allow the NYPD to tow abandoned cars so our neighbors can get their back their access to more parking.

The true full potential of our community has yet to be unlocked.  As your councilwoman, I will ensure we have every city resource available to all New Yorkers.  I will stand up for homeowners, seniors, working people, immigrants and those with disabilities, and I will work hard every day to make sure we improve our quality of life.  I will be your attorney at city hall and your advocate in our neighborhoods, and I will always fight for all of us.

Our time is now. One City. One Brooklyn. One People. Vote for me, Jovia Radix, this Tuesday, May 14th.

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